Pete agrees with the current Mission and Vision Statements of Sedgwick County. For your review, both statements which appear from are listed below.  Should you believe these statements are missing something, or can be improved, Pete is eager for you to provide any feedback.  

The Mission of Sedgwick County:


To provide quality public services to our community so everyone can pursue freedom and prosperity in a safe, secure, and healthy environment.

The Vision Statement of Sedgwick County:


Sedgwick County strives to be a value driven, regional leader seeking innovative opportunities and collaborative partnerships to deliver quality public services

Issue Statements by Pete


Pete believes a solid and responsible budget is the cornerstone which allows Sedgwick County to deliver quality and safe services to the citizens and businesses.

Public Safety/Heath

One of the most important services any government agency can provide is the safety and health of the community. From the County Sheriff’s department and the County Jail, the Sedgwick County Fire Department, the Emergency Medical Service “EMS”, and the Sedgwick County Health Department; all of these will assure our citizens to be able to work and play within a safe and healthy environment.

Economic Development

Pete believes that government agencies, and Sedgwick County, should play a role that is best determined by the needs of our businesses. Basic infrastructure support, and policies that are less stringent to allow businesses to grow and thrive, without government interference is a winning atmosphere. Pete often is heard saying; “we need more red carpet, and less red tape from government.”

Quality of Life

Pete believes that “quality of life” covers a broad range of ideas and items, depending on your personal beliefs. In summary, Pete prefers the term “Living Well”, which helps define if a “quality of life” item allows citizens to “live well”, then it is beneficial to the community in whole.

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